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come on and slam and welcome to japan
Love. Romance. Passion. They were just words, but when I met her, I understood their meaning. Aashiqui 2. (via ree-az)

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”..Is life too heavy on your heart..? …call upon god, and ask for help. No one will help you but Him....the difficulties of your heart will melt away as you call out ‘ya Allah’..”

calmestfire said: Write 10 facts about yourself then pass this along to 10 of your favourite followers.

1. This is totally the first message I ever received from someone I didn’t know.
2.I feel kinda famous right now. LOL
3. I’ve never written one of these before.
4. I live in New York.
5. I love Motorcycles.
6. My favorite food is Calamari.
7. My ultimate dream is to travel the world.
8. I’m currently saving up for that dream as we speak.
9. I’m studying Pharmacy.
10.I have an obsession with wearing colored pants.